Your Ultimate Destiny (I am Light # 7)

I AM Light Curriculum for Children, Unit Study 7

The main stages of the ascension process, becoming an ascended or unascended master, the ascension ritual, three main requirements for the ascension, two different ways to ascend, and creating a sacred space for our spiritual work.

I AM Light: Spiritual Education Curriculum for Children is an interactive unit study curriculum for teaching the profound spiritual truths of the ascended masters to children and youth. Each unit study includes 18 or more fun lesson activities, as well as worksheets, devotions, and story suggestions. Geared for children in grades 2-6, but adaptable for older and younger children.

Units 1-7 are the prerequisite curriculum for the Confirmation program.

Note: The main sequence and content of this series of unit studies is based on A Sacred Adventure, the introductory adult course of spiritual lessons. Each unit study corresponds to one lesson in the adult course. The unit studies in this curriculum are progressive, each unit building upon the information in previous units. Thus, we recommend that the units be taught in sequence.