Working with The Masters, Sacred Adventure # 3

No spiritual journey is complete without a road map and an expert guide. Book 3 in the Sacred Adventure series provides just that: detailed advice from the ascended masters for anyone who would like to follow in their footsteps! Reach the pinnacle of your self-mastery on one of the seven rays of the divine consciousness.

Learn what is important to the ascended masters and how to work with these exalted beings in these chapters:

  • The Joy of Divine Purity
  • The Light of the Divine Mother
  • The Science of Wholeness
  • The Creative Power of Music
  • The Power of Love in Action
  • Exploring Elemental Life
  • The Gift of Divine Freedom
  • Your Path of Personal Christhood

Summit University, a modern-day mystery school, will show you in this home study course what it means to become a co-worker with the spiritual hierarchy of this planet. It’s a breathtaking journey that will captivate you with its powerful vistas and limitless possibilities.

Best of all, you can embark on this sacred journey in the comfort of your own home!