Warrior of Light: The Life of Nicholas Roerich

The Life Of Nicholas Roerich, a children's book by Colleen Messina.

New edition with color pictures!

Warrior of Light tells the fascinating story of the remarkable boy who grew up to be a world-famous artist, explorer, author, scientist, philosopher and peacemaker.

As a boy in Russia, Nicholas Roerich was captivated by a traveler's stories about Rigden Djapo, ruler of the mystical Himalayan kingdom of Shamballa. These ancient legends told of a time of trouble to come, when Rigden Djapo would assemble his warriors of light and fight a victorious battle over all darkness. Then an era of peace would begin.

Not only was Nicholas Roerich a courageous explorer and talented artist, but he was also a world leader in many professions. He was a scientist, he wrote 30 books and he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work to preserve cultural institutions and landmarks during wartime. Twenty-one nations signed a treaty pledging to protect museums, universities, cathedrals and libraries that flew the Banner of Peace that Nicholas had designed.

He is now the Ascended Master Nicholas Roerich

Ages 9 – 14, 66 pages

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