Thirty-Three Manifestations of Kuan Yin - DVD + CD - (DVD SET)

The bodhisattva Avalokitesvara has been venerated in China as Kuan Yin (also spelled Kwan Yin) in thirty-three distinct forms.

This 3 DVD set contains the unique teachings and mantras of these Kwan Yin manifestations, which Elizabeth Clare Prophet says “represent the thirty-three steps of initiation that you will pass through before you have your complete victory over the not-self.” She explains how to use these Kuan Yin mantras for spiritual healing, transmuting troublesome habits, and resolving personal and planetary problems.

Also includes the lecture, The Cross of Divine Love and the Not-Self.

Free Bonus Audio CD: All thirty-three mantras for use in your spiritual practice.

Disc 1 (DVD): Thirty-Three Manifestations Part 1 120 minutes
Disc 2 (DVD): Thirty-Three Manifestations Part 2 87 minutes
Disc 3 (DVD): The Cross of Divine Love and the Not-Self 60 minutes
Disc 4 (CD): Thirty-Three Mantras of the Thirty-Three Manifestations 75 minutes