The Servant is Not Greater Than His Lord - (DVD - VIDEO)

Lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet on bonding to the heart of Jesus Christ.

Our Lord and Saviour is Jesus Christ. And even if we do not know that he is our Lord and Saviour, he is, because he was appointed by God for a very specific purpose. And that purpose is to reconnect each one of us to the Holy Christ Flame in our hearts…. To reconnect us with that universal presence, which is our divine reality and our true source, has been his mission for tens of thousands of years upon planet Earth, right into this very hour….

I come as a ministering servant. I come to minister to your souls. I come to assist Jesus and all the ascended masters, your I AM Presence, your Holy Christ Self in bringing you to that point of enlightenment, of inner awareness whereby you can know that it is your soul’s destiny to be bonded to the living Christ. And when you are so bonded, you are bonded to Jesus….

The Christ in you being one Christ, one begotten Son, one with Jesus—that is my Lord. And so, I am the servant of the Christ in you. And that servant is not greater than the Lord, who is already with you. – Mother

1 DVD, Total time: 45 min.