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What Are Twin Flames

Elizabeth Clare Prophet answers your questions about twin flames and spiritual relationships. What is a twin flame? How do you find your twin flame? How do you build deep and lasting spiritual relationships, whether it be a twin flame, soul mate or karmic relationship?

And when you do find your twin flame, how do you overcome any karma that keeps you separated? Any relationship can have its obstacles; the toughest ones are those whose seeds were planted in prior lifetimes – beyond our memory.

Do you find yourself in a difficult or trying relationship with the love of your life? You'll want to hear what Elizabeth Clare Prophet says to heal and improve twin flame relationships. And deal with unknown past lives to plot a course to a destined future. You no longer have to be a helpless prisoner of your karma, but the director of your life!

Overcome Society's Misleading Filters

ou come to realize is that knowing your twin flame has nothing to do with being in love in the way we see it so often portrayed in movies and books. People feel they have found their twin flame on the basis of a human love experience. Or that their astrology is in polarity with the other person. People find all sorts of reasons to believe that they have found their twin flame or soul mate using their outer senses.

Remember what Jesus said, “Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven.” A twin flame relationship is a spiritual relationship. So we are not twin flames by virtue of our flesh and blood condition – our outer attractions, astrology, etc.

The Meeting of Twin Flames has a Cosmic Purpose

You and your twin flame do have a destiny. In fact, all your relationships are opportunities for personal growth and joy.

If you find yourself in a difficult or trying relationship, you'll want to hear what Elizabeth Clare Prophet says about karmic relationships and the best way to bring to peace into your life. This edition of The Prophet Archives will give you the heart training to bring resolution, peace and joy to all your relationships.