The Prophet Archives: Mysteries of the Tao Part 2 - MP3 Download

In Taoism the ideal of the holy man is called the Perfect Man—our universal mystic. Taoist texts describe him as the man who “could ascend the loftiest heights without fear, could enter the water and not get wet, could enter the fire and not get burned.”

The sixth-century b.c. Chinese sage Lao Tzu is traditionally named as the founder of Taoism. Tradition portrays Lao Tzu as a simple, unassertive and profoundly mystical man. Although known as the founder of one of the world’s great religions, Lao Tzu didn’t preach, create a movement or an organization, nor pass his teachings on to a group of followers.

In this Taoist edition of The Prophet Archives, delve into the earliest self-help book known—the Tao Te Ching—and its ageless wisdom that applies to today’s problems.