The Prophet Archives: Krishna: The Divine Lover & Healer of Your Soul - MP3 Download

Elizabeth Clare Prophet shows you how Krishna, as the universal Christ, helps you prepare for and fulfill your reason for being.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet recounts the history of Lord Krishna and shows how through the use of mantra and love you can build a spiral staircase to the heart of Krishna. Learn to go beyond your current limitations of consciousness by entering into the fabric of his being.

The idea she conveys is God-identification, not just identifying ourselves as human beings. When we study the avatars, where God descended into incarnation, we see what we are intended to be and how far we have strayed from this incarnation of God. We begin to see what is no longer acceptable in ourselves.

Hindus believe Krishna incarnated to establish the religion of love. The path of divine love is not easy. It requires everything of us because love is the highest gift. Anything that does not measure up to divine love in our life we should discard immediately because it is hindering our path. Elizabeth Clare Prophet shows you how Krishna (an incarnation of the Second Person of the Trinity), as the universal Christ, helps you prepare for and fulfill your reason for being.

We begin to see there are things we can do away with. We can do that spring-cleaning of the basement of our unconscious. We can go through every level of our house and eliminate those things that do not resemble our role model. And Krishna as our role model gave us a mantra and through that mantra a way to put on that consciousness. It is not just a rational, conscious willing of a decision that says, “I will be now the manifestation of light,” but it is rather the sense that “I am entering into this one through his mantra.” You have a sense of an assimilation.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet says, “So the partaking of the sacred fire that is God, that is Christ, that is Krishna within us, this is the means whereby we put on the strands of our own immortality.”