The Prophet Archives: Becoming God - The Path of the Christian Mystic Part 1 - MP3 Download

Explore the world of the Christian mystic and the Christian mystical practices for directly experiencing the Presence of God. Remember that mysticism is not merely a belief or a philosophy. It is a soul-transforming experience. And if you aren’t transformed, you haven’t had the experience. When your soul is fully transformed, you and God are no longer two but one.

The mystical path is a spiritual journey into the heart of God’s love. In order to be completely bonded to God’s heart, you must transcend the lesser self that trips everyone up. How do you meet the challenge of overcoming your karma and treat that challenge as a path of joy?

In this edition of The Prophet Archives, Elizabeth Clare Prophet shows you those Christian mystical practices allowing you to work through that karma that separates you from God. Go beyond the pain to the bliss of encountering your Lord face-to-face!