The Prophet Archives: Archangel Gabriel’s Chakra Meditation - MP3 Download

Archangel Gabriel’s chakra meditation, led by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, seals and balances the light in your chakras. Keep your energy levels up!

Elizabeth Clare Prophet leads you through Archangel Gabriel’s chakra meditation to seal and balance the light in your chakras. Reach for the heights of your full spiritual potential. Keep your energy levels up!

Are you tired of coming home feeling like the world drained every last drop of energy from you? Archangel Gabriel’s energizing chakra meditation in this edition of The Prophet Archives utilizes visualization, mantra and concentration to anchor more light in your chakras.

“Each chakra is a station where you process the next level of light…going over the chakras from the base to the crown. Each time, sense that you are both sealing the light and pulling up the light. Seal the light. You are sealing the light and pulling up the light. Have a sensation that you’re pulling it up. Visualize it rising on the spinal altar.
“The most joyous and creative people are those who conserve their light. How do we conserve our light and how do we lose our light? Let me give you an example.

“Have you noticed that when you talk to someone who is glum, you yourself may begin to feel glum? Or how you come home drained after a shopping trip in the mall?

“Anyone who has a lesser vibration than your own will unconsciously siphon off your light. When you start to feel something or someone pulling on you—that is, pulling on your light—you need to reinforce your tube of light, invoke the power of Archangel Michael and seal your chakras. Establish a strong forcefield of light around you, and negative energies will literally bounce off your aura.”

Archangel Gabriel gave this special chakra meditation to seal and balance the light in our chakras. By clearing and sealing our chakras, day by day we can reach for the heights of our spiritual potential.

Give this chakra meditation when you awake up and throughout the day, especially when you need a spiritual boost!