The Power of Music to Create or Destroy - (DVD - VIDEO)

Music accompanies the flow of energy everywhere in creation, even in the very cells of life. It has control over the emotions, the mind, the disposition. According to proportions it can be soothing, invigorating, ennobling, vulgarizing or philosophical.

Music is a power that can be used for good or for evil and it is a controlling factor of civilization and its trends. It has been said, “It doesn’t matter who writes the laws as long as the one who controls is able to write the music of a nation.”

Since sound is creation, we are perpetually being created and re-created, preserved or destroyed by the use we make of music.
In this dynamic two-hour presentation, author and teacher Elizabeth Clare Prophet explains that the spiritual centers in man and woman (chakras) correspond to specific musical instruments which when played release the energy of the respective chakra. For example the energy of the base-of-the-spine chakra is released in the rhythm of the drums. The woodwinds correspond to the
seat-of-the-soul chakra and the piano to the third-eye chakra.

With the truths revealed in this album you hold in your hand a powerful key to the destiny of your soul and, ultimately, of a planet and her people.

Original edition was titled: The Science of Rhythm for the Mastery of the Sacred Energies of Life. This DVD includes the original audio track and the 75 color illustrations and photographs that were part of the original edition.