The Peace in the Flame of Buddha - (MP3 CD)

In this landmark seminar, conducted in 1976 on the island of Maui, Hawaii, Elizabeth Clare Prophet introduces profound teachings on the Buddha and the path of Buddhahood, which all can choose to embrace.

This album includes seven lectures, five dictations and numerous guided meditations.

Meditating upon the dharma,
the teachings of the Buddha,
we are exalted to the plane of his mind.
Meditating on the teachings of the Christ,
we are exalted to the plane of his heart.
And in the heart of Jesus
and the mind of Buddha
we find our own true heart,
our own true mind.
– Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Lecture: Experiencing the Flame of Buddha June 11, 1976 (1 hr 55 min)

Lecture: Peace in the Name of Buddha June 12, 1976 (26 min)

Lecture: The Age of Mother June 12, 1976 (1 hr 58 min)

Lecture: Following the Call of the Soul June 12, 1976 (1 hr. 3 min)

Dictation: Sanat Kumara the Seven Holy Kumaras The Resurrection of the Seven Rays of the Mother on Mu June 12, 1976 (26:46 min)

Lecture: Hawaii's Contribution to the Culture of the Aquarian Age June 12, 1976 (1 hr. 36 min.)

Dictation: Peace and Aloha “I Came Not to Send Peace, but a Sword” June 12, 1976 (34:44 min)

Dictation: Jesus the Christ The Piscean Conqueror in the Age of Aquarius June 13, 1976 (28:26 min)

Lecture: Alchemy of the Abundant Life – Keys to the Path of Precipitation June 13, 1976 (1 hr. 18 min.)

Dictation: Gautama Buddha Reinforcement to All Who Would Be the Buddha June 13, 1976 (29:30 min)

Lecture: The Education of the Heart June 13, 1976 (1 hr. 6 min.)

Dictation: Lord Confucius In the Golden Light of the Golden Age of China June 13, 1976 (22:34 min)

1 Audio MP3. 11 hr. 37 min.