The Path to Attainment (Easter Conference 2020) MP3 Audio CD

An essential part of the Path is to meet the intense challenges the world is facing.

Now, you can experience a spiritual acceleration through the ascended masters’ dictations on your path to Christhood.

Navigate to the next spiritual level with the illuminating lectures by Elizabeth Clare Prophet on “Measuring Your Attainment” and the high initiations of the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension.

You then have a responsibility; and that responsibility
is to keep yourselves so filled with light that at any hour
of the day or night you are found free moving, a free agent of the sacred fire—not bound by your own sense of limitation or the limitation which others would impose upon you. You must be free to accept the limitless reality of your being. You must not allow anyone to take from you the freedom to be unlimited in your God Self. God made you free, and you must defend the law of your being and your freedom to create after the image and likeness of your own God-reality.


Includes the 11 dictations from the original Easter 1976 album plus a previously unpublished dictation by Lady Master Portia.