The Path of Personal Christhood - (DVD - VIDEO)

We Were Born to Be Sons and Daughters of God!

Jesus is the Son of God…but not the only one!

He was the rule, not the exception, and he came to demonstrate a path of personal Christhood that we are meant to follow, not just admire.

We are destined, if we choose, to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and pursue our own personal Christhood. This is the path of initiation that all the great avatars, saints and sages have walked. It is not a path of self-denial, but rather a joyous path of overcoming human limitation and affirming our real divine nature.

If we are willing to let go of everything within us that is unreal, to balance our physical energies while we balance the threefold flame within our hearts, then we will be well on our way to claiming our Christhood. Put your faith in Jesus and the ascended masters. They know the way home, and that way is the path of personal Christhood.

1 DVD 56 min