The Mandate of Victory

What Is the Victory Consciousness?

Success is the byword of our modern civilization. Yet, few people reach the pinnacles of success that many dream of. For most of us the sense of true accomplishment is moderate. Or we feel boxed in by the ideal of material success that leaves little room for living life as it was meant to be—in the richness of spiritual self-fulfillment. And our souls yearn for a higher way.

This book offers that higher way—framed within a personal challenge flung right at you: are you satisfied to spend your life conditioned by the all-too-human failure consciousness, or are you ready to embrace the Victory Consciousness?

In forty astounding messages, a majestic cosmic being called Mighty Victory unfolds for you the secrets of the Victory Consciousness. Find out…

  • What this indomitable Victory Consciousness is all about
  • How you can draw it down from your own Higher Self in ever greater abundance and joy
  • How it revitalizes every cell and atom of your being
  • How you can use it to give everything you do a victorious spin
  • How it will guide you unerringly to the ultimate goal of life: your ascension in the Light!