The Lord of the World's Path of the Six-Pointed Star

Teachings from the Mystery School

Imagine that you had the ability to see what lies ahead on your spiritual journey…and the tools to deal wisely with your upcoming challenges. Certainly, such information would be rare and beyond price. Yet, our beloved Lord Maitreya has prepared a road map of the Path of Initiation that not only gives you a forward glimpse, but the means to meet the future with confidence…and emerge victorious.

Maitreya's dictation on the path of the six-pointed star provides invaluable insights into your unique path, as well as the means to understand and take full advantage of the lessons that loom on the horizon of your walk with the ascended masters. Accept Maitreya's invitation. Take his hand as he leads you in the path of overcoming.

“I would present to you this day a diagram of the Path, that you can see and understand what are the challenges that lie ahead for you and what, indeed, are the wise counsels to be observed.” – Lord Maitreya

1 DVD 1 hr. 50 min