The Law of Cycles - CD

The Rhythmic Equation of God in Man

Elizabeth Clare Prophet said she has been a student of the law of cycles since a little child when she observed nature, planets and stars in cyclic interaction.

In this lecture on the rhythmic equation of God in man, she brings us the fruits of her lifelong work. It is rich in the warmth of her love of life as a meditation on the cycles of being. It is filled with her childlike wonder in the very holiness of the universe and the wisdom of God that never ceases to pulsate and empower the mind with the vision of new cycles to conquer.

Listening to and meditating on this lecture will assist us in entering a new awareness of the cycles of our own being.

DISC 1 ( Total Length: 62 Min.)

God's sense of justice through the law of cycles—the promise of the Holy Spirit (15:16)
The law of karma is the law of cycles—the most simple yet most profound manifestation of justice (15:53)
Kuthumi determines to bring to Western man the forbidden mysteries of the Occult Brotherhood (15:18)
The Puranas—records of ancient events
Maitreya’s revelation on the cycles of cosmic creation (15:04)
DISC 2 (Total Length: 73 Min.)

The Mahakalpa—the outbreath and inbreath of creation. The law of cycles implements the law of transcendence (14:59)
We are cells in the body of God—the oversoul and god to a vast universe of atoms (15:48)
In the macrocosm as well as in the microcosm, circling spirals trigger the flow of energy into and out of form— cycles are initiated and worlds are born (14:57)
The laya center—the point or plane of equilibrium around which the plus and minus movements pivot the power at the neutral center of all cycles (14:49)
God’s greatest giht and design—the expanding of cycles
I will not leave you comfortless (12:39)
2 Audio CDs, total time: 2hr. 15 min. Previously released in 1981 as a cassette-album.