The Inner Working of Sound - (DVD - VIDEO)

Based on the Teachings of Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Does Sound Affect Matter? See for Yourself!

The power of sound to affect matter is the focus of this dynamic and informative workshop. Valerie and Scott McBride, longtime students of the teachings of the ascended masters, present intriguing and provocative information about the effects of sound in many areas of the physical universe.

Explore the latest groundbreaking research that will change the way you think about the nature of thought, prayer and sound…and the depth of their influences in your life.

Included are fascinating images from the experiments of Dr. Masaru Emoto showing the dramatic effects of words and thoughts on water.

This workshop will also present techniques for using the power of sound and positive thoughts to bring comfort and healing to your body and brain, which can be up to 75 percent water!

Plus you will hear beautiful musical excerpts designed to elevate, inspire and help you connect to your higher self.

1 DVD: 1 hr. 27 min.