The Inner Path of Hinduism - (DVD - VIDEO)

Mystical Paths of the Worlds Religions series

To the casual observer, Hinduism may appear to be lost in superstition and the rote worship of multiple Gods.

However, nothing could be farther from the truth!

Hinduism, the world’s oldest religion, is the fount from which all of the world’s mystics have drawn, whether they knew it or not.

It is through Hinduism that the notion of one God with many manifestations originates. The vast body of Hindu teachings also details the belief that within each of us is the innate potential to become one with God! 

What’s more, Hinduism provides step-by-step instructions for achieving the realization of our God identity.

In this album, Elizabeth Clare Prophet takes us on a remarkable journey along the inner path of Hinduism, which, though well-marked, is still virtually unknown in the West.

Learn the truth about Hinduism’s universal teachings that are the source of many of the world’s most profound mystical revelations:

  • That there are many paths to salvation and each of us may choose that which best suits our individual needs.
  • That there is a difference between the soul and Spirit and how we can draw the soul back to its point of origin
  • That we each have the potential to become one with God
  • And much more!