The Higher Initiations, Darshan 14 - (DVD VIDEO)

Darshan #14 – The Higher Initiations: The Fourth and the Fifth

Teachings from The Masters and the Path, by C. W. Leadbeater

Darshan with the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet, February 5, 1997.

…The Higher Initiations – The Fourth and the Fifth
In Christian symbology the fourth initiation is indicated by the suffering in the garden of Gethsemane, the crucifixion and the resurrection of the Christ; though since there are certain preliminary stages it may be more completely symbolized by the various events that are said to have taken place during Holy Week.

…The Higher Initiations – The Fourth and the Fifth
The fourth initiation differs from all the others in that it has this strange double aspect of suffering and victory. The peculiar type of suffering clears off any arrears of karma; and the patience and joyousness with which the initiate endures them have great value in the strengthening of his character.

…The Higher Initiations – The Fourth and the Fifth
The candidate who has passed the fourth initiation is spoken of in Buddhist terminology as the Arhat, which means the worthy, the capable, the venerable or perfect, and in the Eastern books very many beautiful things are said about him, for they know at what a high level of evolution he stands.

…The Higher Initiations – The Fourth and the Fifth
Now does the candidate approach the fifth Initiation, that of the Adept; “he hath wrought the purpose through, of that which made him man,” so now he takes the final step that makes him Superman — Asekha, as the Buddhists call him…. He stands ever in the light of Nirvana, even in his waking consciousness.

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