The Healing Power of Angels - (MP3 CD)

In this groundbreaking seminar, Elizabeth Clare Prophet introduces the seven archangels, who have always been the teachers and initiators of mankind, our true friends and helpers.

She teaches how we can invite them to work with us and intercede for us. When we call to them, they come with armies of angels in their command. They bind the forces of darkness and bring solutions to the most challenging problems on the world scene.

In answer to our calls, they also come with the greatest love and care to help us resolve the most difficult situations in our personal lives. They comfort, protect and heal us. They teach, instruct and guide us.

This album also contains powerful messages from each of the seven archangels to inspire us and to help us navigate through these uncertain times.

2 MP3 Audio CDs. Total Lehgth: 17 hr. 39 min.