The Guru-Chela Relationship, Darshan 16 - (DVD VIDEO)

Darshan #16 with the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet, February 20, 1997.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet tells us:

…The Guru-Chela Relationship
Reliance on the Guru, or spiritual teacher, is fundamental to many spiritual traditions. In Tibetan Buddhism the disciple gains the blessings of all the Buddhas when he diligently practices his Guru’s teachings.

…The Guru-Chela Relationship
I am always wearing the mantle of the Guru. Wherever I go, it is present with me. Whether at the altar, at home, in a social setting, on an airplane or even when I am sleeping, I still wear the mantle. The mantle carries the weight of the mighty I AM Presence. This is the meaning of the Guru; it is the presence of the I AM THAT I AM. The ascended masters use me to reach chelas, often in the most unlikely places. I reach them with whatever they need at that moment. Sometimes it’s comforting love. Sometimes it's illumination. And sometimes it is the chastening ?.

…The Guru-Chela Relationship
God has given me a mantle so I can reinforce your Holy Christ Self until you can sustain that contact. I can also reinforce your I AM Presence. Until you can get through your karma, the way you maintain the contact with the Holy Christ Self and the mighty I AM Presence is to call for that tie to be reinforced by the momentum of my lifestream and your call to the ascended masters…. The reason the ascended masters have given me the mantle is because the mantle needs to be on someone in embodiment who is able to reach out and touch other people in physical embodiment.

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