The Class of Elohim for Turning of Worlds (NY 1982) - (DVD)

For the Turning of Worlds

This momentous album contains the dictations and lectures from the New Year's conference of 1981 – 1982, when the seven mighty Elohim came “for the turning of the worlds.”

In the invitation to the conference, Elizabeth Clare Prophet said: “It is Alpha and Omega come seven times – seven hearts of living fire and seven hearts again.”

And Archangel Gabriel, announcing their coming, said, “I, Gabriel, do affirm the coming of the seven spirits of God and the seven thunders. Let their voice be heard…for the hour of fulfillment is come when the world may hear the sound of Elohim.”

Let the voice of Elohim be heard again now, for the world today is still in great need of their voice and their message.

DVD 1 Dictations
  1. Dictation: El Morya The Word of God as His Living Will – December 31, 1981 45 min.
  2. Dictation: Hercules and Amazonia Elohim of the First Ray Plant the Flame of the Will of God for the Demagnetization of the Planetary Body – December 31, 1981 28 min.
  3. Dictation: Gautama Buddha A Complementary Dispensation: The Embrace of Etheric Spheres For the Inner Self-Transcendence, for the Mounting of the Spiral of Being, for the Experiencing of the Cosmic Self
    Release of the Thought Form for the Year 1982, A Scroll Held by Two Doves: “A Proclamation of Freedom by the World Mother
     – January 1, 1982 50 min.
DVD 2 Dictations
  1. Dictation: Apollo and Lumina The Right to Expose Organization and a Movement and the Spreading Abroad of the Message – January 1, 1982 53 min.
  2. Dictation: Heros and Amora Where the Love Fire Leads Holding the Flame of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness for All the Earth Working the Work of Love as a Sacred Fire Perpetually Burning – January 1, 1982 51 min
DVD 3 Dictations
  1. Dictation: Purity and Astrea Let the Divine Solution Appear! The Strengthening of the Bonds for a Secure Physical Platform Go Forth and Turn the World! – January 2, 1982, 47 min.
  2. Dictation: Cyclopea and Virginia I Will Stand upon My Watch! The Compromise Does Not Work: The Soulution Is Single-Eyed and Single-Purposed! – January 3, 1982, 58 min.
DVD 4 Dictations
  1. Dictation: Peace and Aloha The Turning Point: The Birth of the New Nation Alienation Healed by Reintegration with God through Christ – January 3, 1982, 24 min.
  2. Dictation: Arcturus and Victoria Set the Habitation and Set It Secure For the Inevitable Encounter with the Lord God Almighty (beginning) – January 3, 1982 7 min.
    Dictation: Keeper of the Scrolls The Time Is Short “Press On and Press Harder!” The Strength and Survival of the Lightbearers in Their Close and Mutual Association – January 3, 1982, 17 min.
    Dictation: Arcturus and Victoria The Ongoing Venture of Light As Life Enters the Aquarian Cycle (end) – January 3, 1982, 4 min.
DVDs Total Length: 7 hr. 4 min.
MP3 Audio CD (Total Length: 12 hr. 15 min.) includes the above dictations plus the lectures, invocations and these additional dictations:
  • Dictation: Saint Germain A Line of Sacred Fire: I Have Drawn It with My Life A New Cup, a New Distillation, a New Initiation Expect Every Miracle of Light! A Cosmic Sacrifice to the Earth—by My Life, by My Mission, by My Presence – January 6, 1982, 45 min
  • Dictation: Jesus Christ The Final Judgment of Satan – February 1, 1982, 59 min.

Previously published as the 1981-82 New Year's conference cassette album includes invocations, songs, lectures, dictations and responsive readings. 4 DVDs and 1MP3. Total time 19 hr. 19 min.