The Age of the Divine Mother

Elizabeth Clare Prophet shares her personal experiences with Mary and offers to readers a deeper understanding of the mystic Mary and the Universal Mother that Mary represents for us all.

Mother Mary belongs to all people, not any one faith. She is a master scientist of the fifth ray and teaches us about

  • The mysteries of the spiritual path
  • Raising kundalini by devotion
  • How to deal with forces of darkness
  • The Immaculate Concept
  • How to liberate the soul through forgiveness
  • Her prophecies for this age

Learn to recognize the Mother in her many guises and to make wise choices on your own personal road of life as you enter the Age of the Divine Mother.

Dictations by Mother Mary are included, along with a full explanation of her new age rosary.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet – Insight into the Soul of Mother Mary


Mother Mary's office in the hierarchy of angels is to hold the immaculate concept by her Immaculate Heart of the perfection of our souls as they journey in time and space. No matter what errors or mistakes we ever make, Mother Mary is always beholding us in her singled-eyed vision of purity in what is our divine reality, what is our divine plan one with our twin flame, what is our destiny in this life.

When we think upon the great mind of a feminine Archangel who has existed forever in God, we can imagine how her consciousness enfolds solar systems and universes. We can understand the mind of a being such as an Archangel and realize that that Mind of God is able to contain this immaculate blueprint for us all and many lifewaves beyond this world.

As the heavenly hosts and the Ascended Masters have attained, they tell us that we can walk in their footsteps and do the same. So we desire also to hold the immaculate concept not only for ourselves but for everyone.

The Golden Word of Mary Series is comprised of three volumes, Mary’s Message for A New Day (formerly My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord), Mary’s Message of Divine Love and The Age of the Divine Mother.