The After Life - New Version!

NEW VERSION: Includes NEW Introduction!

What happens when we die?
Is there really a heaven and a hell? Is there life after life?
What can we expect on the other side?

In this profoundly insightful and fascinating work, world-renowned author and spiritual teacher Elizabeth Clare Prophet answers these questions and more as she sheds new light on the mysteries of the life beyond.

Gifted with powerful inner sight, enabling her to trace the journey of souls into the afterlife, she begins by sharing stories of those who have passed on as she reveals what they experienced and why. She explores common misconceptions about the afterlife and even takes us to the movies to show how Hollywood has gotten it both right and wrong.

With clarity and compassion, this life-changing guide will show you how to make the most of life’s opportunities as you prepare for the ultimate journey.

248 Pages, trade-size paperback.

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