Teachings on the Life and Work of Jesus Christ - (MP3 CD)

…as Recorded by John the Beloved

Includes more than nine hours of lectures published for the first time.

The Gospel of John, written by the disciple closest to Jesus, is unique in its penetration of the mysteries of Jesus’ life. In this groundbreaking seminar, Elizabeth Clare Prophet reveals the alchemical secrets in this book—keys to the initiations on your own path of Christhood.

Verse by verse, Mrs. Prophet puts the text of the Gospel of John on the cosmic clock by a formula revealed to her by Jesus and Mother Mary for the charting of the inner cycles of this esoteric work. Studying these teachings, you will under-stand the Gospel of John as a guide to fulfi lling your own divine plan. And you will receive advanced instruction on the science of the spoken Word.

As you hear these inner teachings, you will experience the intense love between the Master and the disciple “whom Jesus loved.” It was John’s capacity to receive and retain Jesus’ love that became the divine thread of contact between the beloved and his Master.

3 MP3s. 35 hrs. 2 mins. Liner notes included.