Strategies of Light & Darkness

Teachings from the Messengers, Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet at Maitreya's Mystery School

Written by the staff of Summit University for those already familiar with the teachings of the ascended masters released by their messengers, Mark, and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Mark Prophet spoke of the strategies of darkness in a meeting with his staff on January 14, 1973, just one month before he made his ascension. Mark told the staff that he had begun a book called Strategies of Darkness. He did not finish the book and the assignment passed to Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

In 1975, Mother Mary said:

“We who know the strategies of the dark ones would impart them to our brothers and sisters below. But the messenger who volunteered to write the book, Strategies of Darkness, took his leave in the summer of life, which leaves only the beloved Elizabeth to write oh-so-many books of the Law waiting on the shelves of the libraries of our retreats for the translator, the one who holds the key to decipher the Word of Spirit in the Word of Mater.”


Elizabeth Clare Prophet told the staff that the teachings on these strategies are contained in all the lectures and dictations she and Mark have delivered. As you read this book, you will become adept at recognizing these strategies as they are outlined one by one from the releases of the Brotherhood.

The strategies of darkness caused the downfall of golden ages, organizations, and individuals because they were effective. They are so successful that the forces utilizing them have not needed to develop any new ones. In order for the light to win the day and vanquish darkness, you need to understand these strategies and be ready with the strategies of light when you meet them in your daily life.