Stages of Christhood - (MP3 CD)

In this MP3 audio CD you will find five dictations representing five ascended master perspectives on the stages of Christhood.

1 Jesus and Kuthumi:
The Vow of the Ministering Servant December 11, 1983 35:05

2 El Morya:
The Light of the Guru and the Chela:
Surrender for a More Perfect Love October 26, 1980 61:24

3 Kuthumi:
Mold Yourself in the Divine Design of Love
Balance Your Threefold Flame, Saturate Yourself with
the Fire of the Holy Spirit and Resolve Your Psychology
December 28, 1996 35:45

4 Maha Chohan:
The Desiring of the Soul That Must Exceed All Other Desiring
Getting the Holy Spirit and the Gifts Thereof June 3, 1990 71:19

5 Jesus:
Are You Ready for the Second Coming?
Walk the Earth as My Twin
Be an Example of the Aquarian-Age Christ October 12, 1992 25:55