Spiritual Visualizations for World Change VF Animation Vol.2 - (DVD - VIDEO)

Violet Flame Animation with Dynamic Decrees

Experience the empowerment of spiritual visualization and dynamic decrees with Elizabeth Clare Prophet for personal transformation.

Violet Flame Visualizations:

  • Saint Germain with the Earth
  • The Earth in Violet Flame
  • South America with Violet Flame
  • Europe with Violet Flame
  • Africa with Violet Flame
  • Russia/China with Violet Flame
  • The Earth with Violet Rays
  • Saint Germain Over America
  • North and South America

Decrees on the DVD:

  • 70.11 I AM the Violet Flame
  • 70.12 Radiant Spiral Violet Flame
  • 5.00 Six Mighty Cosmic Light Calls
  • 0.07A I AM the Light of the Heart
  • 70.17 Violet, Purple, Pink
  • 70.01 Violet Fire, I Love Thee
  • 70.13 Violet Fire from the Heart of God
  • 5.02 More Violet Fire
  • 5.03 Decree for the Great Cosmic Light
  • 5.01 Decree for Freedom's Holy Light
  • 70.18 O Arcturus, Blessed Being Bright

These decrees are contained in a PDF file on the disc.