Soulless One, Cloning a Counterfeit Creation

Commune with the heart of an ascended master, absorb the true essence of Spirit and life, get rid of mechanized patterns, and learn to unite with your Real Self!

The Soulless One begins to unravel the best kept secret in the archives of human history. Thousands of years ago, the earth became host to alien beings.

With technological wizardry, they subjugated humanity, manipulated the genetic pattern and created a race of “mechanization man.”

This book strips the mask from these fallen ones and reveals their strategies. You will come to realize that these strategies are still alive and well in the political, media and social systems of the world today.

To know the truth that can set you free, read this book, previously released in the Pearls of Wisdom series, “The Mechanization Concept.” by the ascended master Saint Germain's guru, known to many simply as the Master R.

In this gentle instruction given in defense of your soul and your ability to attune to your Real Self, the Master R unfolds the story of how aliens long ago came to earth. Invading the mind, these aliens altered our perception of reality and penetrated the psyche of man with thought patterns that sustain a lesser state of awareness. This mechanical forcefield is the nucleus of the synthetic self—the anti-self still warring with our Real Self.

The Master R, also known as the Great Divine Director, is an ascended master whose attainment of cosmic consciousness qualifies him to ensoul the flame of divine direction on behalf of earth’s evolutions. His amanuensis Mark L. Prophet wrote down his teaching in 1965. Since then this message on the manipulation of earth by aliens has been confirmed by archaeological, astronomical and historical evidence.

Dedicated “To the real people of earth,” this book shows you the fallacy of the mechanical ascension and how to free yourself from the human, mechanistic creation.