Sine Wave to the Sun - (MP3 CD)

A Retreat to the Inner Self

We enter the sun according to the spirals of the sun that form cosmic highways for billions of lifewaves.

We walk the pathway to the inner temple and observe flowers we have never seen and crystal lights in all directions.

Truly this is the heart – the very Heart of hearts, the very heart of Being. We are in light and in Spirit. And we are free for a time.

We remember now the promises we made. Each one receives the impression, the memory, the pattern, the strength of that which he must do.

Come then, children of the sun. Begin the spiraling ascent to the heart of the sun.

This album contains milestone lectures, dictations and other teachings delivered by Elizabeth Clare Prophet at Harvest 1981.

Dictation: Kuan Yin The Ancient Song of the Bodhisattva of Mercy, Harmony: The Goal of Self-Mastery on the Path October 8, 1981 (25:22)
Dictation: Listening Angel (from Lanello to Mother) Open the Cage of Your Heart and Let the Bluebird Fly Back to God October 9, 1981 (37:06)
Dictation: Holy Amethyst Journey to the Sun in a Chariot of Violet Fire July 3, 1971 (21:43)
Dictation: Archangel Michael A Solar System of Light Is Opened unto You The Sealing of Your Lifestream and Your Crystal Cord by a Shaft of Blue Fire October 9, 1981 (18:40)
Dictation: El Morya A Glow on the Mountain October 10, 1981 (38:09)
Dictation: OROMASIS AND DIANA The Potential of Your God Mastery When with the Lord Jesus Christ You Determine to Get the Victory under the Hierarchy of Pisces October 11, 1981 (22:39)
Dictation: Saint Germain A Day of Great Celebration in Heaven and on Earth October 12, 1981 (31:02)
Dictation: Sanat Kumara The Summoning for the Commemoration of the Marriage of the Lamb October 12, 1981 (4:39)
Dictation: El Morya Fly into the Heart of the Sun January 17, 1965 (10:17)
1MP3 Audio CD, total time: 12 hr. 7 min. Previously released in 1981 as a cassette-album.