Seven Energy Centers 19 x 25 poster

Michelangelo's David: A Statue in Violet Flame showing the chakras.

The word "chakra" comes from the Sanskrit meaning wheel, disc, circle. It is the center of light anchored in the etheric body and governing the flow of energy to the four lower bodies of man. There are seven major chakras corresponding to the seven rays, five minor chakras corresponding to the five secret rays, and a total of 144 light centers in the body of man.

People have asked Elizabeth Clare Prophet why our chakra colors differ from various schools of thought in the New Age as well as in the past century.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet said,

"We show are the colors released from the Ascended Masters to their Messengers as they should appear in the purified etheric body, the highest vibrating of the four lower bodies and the natural envelope of the soul.

I believe that some clairvoyants who have put forth their version of the colors have read the condition of the chakras in the astral, untransmuted, i.e., unpurified, state of the human consciousness, hence the discrepancy."