The Seven Elohim in the Power of the Spoken Word - (MP3 CD)

Experience the amazing power of the seven Mighty Elohim and their divine complements in these fifteen dictations. Includes profound teachings on the seven rays from the perspective of Elohim.

A six hours long MP3 audio CD.

Title: Scaling the Mountain of Hierarchy
Date: March 16, 1975 28:00
Title: The Culture of the Mother Race
Date: December 16, 1962 30:31
Title: The Staff of God
Date: June 28, 1970 12:15
Apollo and Lumina
Title: To Purge a Planet of Ignorance
Date: December 29, 1974 20:01
Title: The Miracle of Freedom: Story of an Arabian Shepherd Boy
Date: July 4, 1971 21:32
Heros and Amora
Title: Behold, Our God Is the Consuming Fire of Love!
Date: July 5, 1974 23:09
Title: The Freeing of a Continent
Date: July 22, 1972 30:28
Title: Reinforcing the Cycle of the Secret Rays
Date: March 23, 1975 19:10
Title: Blessed Fragments of Purity
Date: July 27, 1968 28:51
Title: Infinite Light, Descend!
Date: December 29, 1969 33:02
Cyclopea and Virginia
Title: Exploring Selfhood in the Eye of God
Date: October 13, 1974 28:41
Peace with El Morya
Title: Peace, Be Still!
Date: April 17, 1966 26:57
Peace and Aloha
Title: Three Rings of Peace and a Two-Edged Sword
Date: October 11, 1973 19:39
Title: The Responsibility of the Violet Transmuting Flame: The Fiat and the Tree
Date: January 15, 1967 18:30
Arcturus and Victoria
Title: Violet Flame for a Smooth Transition into the Age of Aquarius
Date: October 12, 1974 13:55