Seven Elohim in the Power of the Spoken Word, The - MP3

Experience the amazing power of the seven Mighty Elohim and their divine complements in these fifteen dictations. Includes profound teachings on the seven rays from the perspective of Elohim.

A six hours long MP3 audio CD.

Title: Scaling the Mountain of Hierarchy
Date: March 16, 1975 28:00
Title: The Culture of the Mother Race
Date: December 16, 1962 30:31
Title: The Staff of God
Date: June 28, 1970 12:15
Apollo and Lumina
Title: To Purge a Planet of Ignorance
Date: December 29, 1974 20:01
Title: The Miracle of Freedom: Story of an Arabian Shepherd Boy
Date: July 4, 1971 21:32
Heros and Amora
Title: Behold, Our God Is the Consuming Fire of Love!
Date: July 5, 1974 23:09
Title: The Freeing of a Continent
Date: July 22, 1972 30:28
Title: Reinforcing the Cycle of the Secret Rays
Date: March 23, 1975 19:10
Title: Blessed Fragments of Purity
Date: July 27, 1968 28:51
Title: Infinite Light, Descend!
Date: December 29, 1969 33:02
Cyclopea and Virginia
Title: Exploring Selfhood in the Eye of God
Date: October 13, 1974 28:41
Peace with El Morya
Title: Peace, Be Still!
Date: April 17, 1966 26:57
Peace and Aloha
Title: Three Rings of Peace and a Two-Edged Sword
Date: October 11, 1973 19:39
Title: The Responsibility of the Violet Transmuting Flame: The Fiat and the Tree
Date: January 15, 1967 18:30
Arcturus and Victoria
Title: Violet Flame for a Smooth Transition into the Age of Aquarius
Date: October 12, 1974 13:55