Set the Elementals Free: Animated Spiritual Visualizations - (DVD - VIDEO)

Violet flame decrees with visualizations.

God Tabor tells us that the joy of elemental life is to serve you…. And your joy must be to serve with them, to command the Life-essence of the Christ to flow to the elementals, to infuse them with rejoicing and newness of being and fire and the spirit to bring the earth into a golden age!

Decrees 7.07B, 7.07 and fiats for elemental life.

Earth Elements – Gnomes: Earth
Water Elements – Undines: Whales, Porpoises, Ocean
Fire Elements – Salamaders: Fireplace
Air Elements – Sylphs: Clouds montage

Total length: 42 minutes

Decree Pace: Intermediate+. For experienced practicioners of the science of the spoken Word. (You can also turn off the audio to meditate and decree at your own pace.)