Secrets Of Prosperity by Annice Booth

What is prosperity?

Prosperity is not only money in your pocket, in the bank, in your stock portfolio and CDs.

True prosperity is the sense of abundance, the sense that you have the right to live an abundant life. That you are a child of a wealthy Father and Mother who love you and want to give you all their riches.

Prosperity is your true inheritance. It is health, wealth, happiness, joy, peace, faith, hope, wisdom, being in tune with the flow of the universe and able to accept the abundance of God.

And now, as the golden age of Aquarius dawns, it is time to claim your own prosperity.

Includes meditations, workbook and glossary.

Secrets of Prosperity succeeds when so many similar books fail. It teaches us why learning to manifest prosperity is part of our divine plan and key to our spiritual progress. In Secrets of Prosperity the seemingly contradictory goals of material wealth and spiritual growth come together. Annice Booth has brought us an ancient teaching applied to a new millennium!—SB. Bank Vice President