Secret Chamber Of The Heart (laminated) wallet card

The secret chamber of the heart (Sanscrit Ananda-kanda, the root of joy”) is one of the spiritual centers, or chakras, within your body for the release of God's light.

The threefold flame anchored within this chamber is your divine sparkliterally a spark of sacred fire from the heart of God. It is your point of contact with the Supreme Source of all life.

You can send divine love from your heart to all those in need by giving this simple prayer daily.

O Love of God, immortal Love,
Enfold all in thy ray.
Send comapssion from above
To raise them all today!
In the fullness of thy power,
Shed thy glorious beams
Upon the earth and all thereon
Where life in shadow seems!
Let the Light of God blaze forth
To cut men free from pain.
Raise them up and clothe them, God,
With thy mighty I AM name!
©2005 The Summit Lighthouse