Sanctissima Music For World Peace - CD

These 19 traditional and original hymns are a musical offering for world peace in response to Mary's Fatima message.

From opening chimes to closing bells, this heavenly music brings the light of the angels and the Blessed Mother wherever it is played.

Christmas music for every day of the year!

Title, Minutes

O Sanctissima, O Piissima, 2:35
Ave Maria, 4:55
Hail, Holy Queen Enthroned Above, 3:40
Immaculate Mary, 4:10
On This Day, O Beautiful Mother, 2:28
The Hail Mary, 2:38
The Sacred Name of Mary, 4:35
The Magnificat, 3:06
Mary, 3:11
The Virgin of Guadelupe, 4:22
Mother, Dear Mother, 2:34
Beloved Archangel Raphael, 2:45
Mary's Diamond Heart, 2:40
Christ–The Immaculate Concept, 3:12
Beloved Raphael and Mary, 6:20
What Child Is This, 3:38
Gesu Bambino, 3:49
O Holy Night, 5:26
The Bells of Saint Mary's, 2:45
1 CD 70 minutes. Booklet with words to songs included.