Saint Germain Send Violet Flame - CD

Renew your consciousness, being and world!

Decrees and songs to the violet flame, led by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

I AM the Violet Flame Decree 70.11 (33x)
O Saint Germain, Send Violet Flame Decree 70.15 (13x)
The Living Flame of Cosmic Freedom Decree 7.30 (9x)
Charge the Earth with Violet Fire Decree 7.28 (3x)
Cup of Freedom Decree 7.24 (3x)
O Violet Flame, Come, Violet Flame! Decree 70.14 (15x)
Violet Fire I Love Thee! Decree 70.01 (3x)
The Great Divine Director Decree 10.08 (24x)
Set it on continuous play in your home for an ocean of violet flame.

1 Audio CD, 72 minutes. Slow to intermediate pace.

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