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The Mysterious Wonderman of Europe

The end of the 18th century marked the end of an old order in France. And one man was trying to make the transition as smooth as possible. He was the Count Saint Germain, known throughout Europe as the “Wonderman.”

He dazzled the aristocracy and the royal courts with youth potions, jewels and magical feats to engage their attention for a more serious purpose: to warn them of the impending revolution and the bloodbath that would follow. At the same time, he used his powers to expand scientific knowledge.

The Ascended Master Saint Germain Today

In this century, Saint Germain continues to work for the freedom and enlightenment of mankind. And he has dictated to Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet formulas you can use to practice alchemy for your own liberation. You will learn how to materialize objects from a universal source of energy. But the primary purpose of alchemy is not to create wealth or to change lead into gold.

Transform Yourself – Spiritual Alchemy

Alchemy is a powerful method of transforming yourself. So powerful that the principles Saint Germain imparts make this the greatest of all self-help books. The basic message: you are not powerless. You do not have to be a victim of circumstances. You can alter your destiny!

You can change your life, your nation and your planet. Saint Germain tells you how to do it. He reveals secrets he has used for centuries. Techniques you can use today to duplicate his achievements. He tells you how Jesus used alchemy to walk on water, multiply loaves and fishes, change water into wine and perform other “miracles.”

Learn How to Use Master Saint Germain's Techniques

Saint Germain explains how you can:

• Create mental pictures to materialize objects, including an amethyst Maltese cross
• Harness energy to alter matter
• Control your emotions
• Get rid of anxiety—for good
• Look younger and have more energy
• Create a cloud of infinite energy to change your life, fulfill your destiny and heal your planet

Content of Saint Germain On Alchemy

Saint Germain on Alchemy contains a 117-page handbook of essential alchemical and spiritual terms. It also includes illustrated sections on:

• Saint Germain as the Wonderman of Europe
• The Mystical Origins of the United States of America
• The Great Seal of the United States
• George Washington’s Vision of America’s Trials


Saint Germain on Alchemy illumines and inspires. And it gives you the keys to self-transformation.

BUT they won’t do you any good…unless you use the alchemical formula revealed in this book and encrypted in the acronym: TRY!

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