Sacred Songs from the Heart of India (Bhajans to Lord Krishna, Ganesha and Surya)

Bhajans to Lord Krishna, Ganesha and Surya

2 Audio CDs: 1 hr. 54 min. Includes booklet.

Bhajans are the beautiful devotional songs of India. Elizabeth Clare Prophet tells us they are unique coils of energy. As you sing them you are giving your devotions to the divinity within you as Father, Son, Holy Spirit and Mother. She explains that the bhajan always begins in the base-of-the-spine chakra with the adoration to the Mother light. As the rhythm accelerates, the energies of the Mother light rise through the seven chakras, uniting with the light of the Father and releasing the potential of the Christ consciousness. The final acceleration is the whirling of the energies of the crown chakra.

The Gayatri is probably the most important mantra we will ever recite throughout our lifetime. – Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Disc 1 To Lord Krishna:
1. The Maha Mantra
2. Jaya Hare Krsna
3. Hare Narayana Govinda
4. Nanda-Lala Yadu Nanda-Lala
5. Govinda Narayana
6. Jai Jai Prabhu Giridhari
7. Radha-Krsna Karna-Lola
8. Atmarama Ananda-Nama
Total time 58:09

Disc 2, To Lord Krishna:
1. Rama Krsna Jaya Bolo
2. Mitha-Smita
3. Rama Rama Rama
4. Hari Ananda Maya Jaya Narayana
To Ganesha:
5. Gaja-Vadana Gananatha
6. Vinayaka
To God Surya:
7. The Gayatri Mantra
8. Asato Ma Sad Gamaya
Total time 55:41