The Sacred Adventure with Light from Heavenly Lanterns

The Sacred Adventure is a classic collection of prose and poetry from the Pearls of Wisdom on the Will of God from Tibetan master, El Morya.

First released as Pearls of Wisdom in 1969, Elizabeth Clare Prophet compiled the book in 1981.

The will of God
Is the flawless diamond,
It is the shining
Of the Divine Mind,
It is the rushing
Of the wind of the Spirit,
And it is the strength,
And laughter,
Of real identity.

This latest edition is further enhanced with a re-release of material from the long out-of-print 1973 book Light from Heavenly Lanterns by El Morya.

It includes:

  • Poetry
  • Prose
  • Address by the Lord of the First Ray given through Mark Prophet
  • A concise biography of El Morya's embodiments
  • 10 illustrations by Auriel Bessemer

A jewel for any esoteric library!