Rise and Shine! 2 - CD

Morning decrees with Elizabeth Clare Prophet – protection and violet flame decrees to start your day.

Decree 10.03A El Morya’s Bonding Prayer
Decree 0.30 The Solar Ring (beginning)
Decree 0.30 The Solar Ring (continued)
Decree 0.01 Violet Fire and Tube of Light Decree (3x)
Decree 0.30 The Solar Ring (conclusion)
Preamble to Decree 20.03 Balance the Threefold Flame in Me
Decree 20.03 Balance the Threefold Flame in Me (1x)
And in full Faith…
Decree 0.05 I AM Alert, Awake, Awake! (9x)
Preamble to Decree 10.07 I AM Michael, Michael, Michael!
Decree 10.07 I AM Michael, Michael, Michael! (9x)
Preamble to Decree 10.00 Lord Michael
Decree 10.00 Lord Michael (18x)
And in full Faith…
Preamble to Decree 10.05 O Hercules, Thou Elohim
Decree 10.05 O Hercules, Thou Elohim (9x)
And in full Faith…
Preamble to Decree 50.05 Beloved Cyclopea, Beholder of Perfection
Decree 50.05 Beloved Cyclopea, Beholder of Perfection (9x)
And in full Faith…
Preamble to Decree 20.07 The Judgment Call
Invocation by the Messenger for the Judgment Call (2:05)
Decree 20.07 The Judgment Call “They Shall Not Pass!” (9x)
And in full Faith…
Preamble to Decree 70.11: I AM the Violet Flame
Decree 70.11 I AM the Violet Flame (12x)
Decree 5.01 Decree for Freedom’s Holy Light (19x)
Decree 5.02 More Violet Fire (3x)
Preamble to Decree 70.18: Arcturus, Blessed Being Bright
Decree 70.18 Arcturus, Blessed Being Bright (9x)
And in full Faith…
Song 397: Oromasis and Diana Dear (2:28)
1 audio CD. 1 hour 19 minutes.