Queen of Light by Sindelar

The Queen of Light is an ascended master who mothers the Light in everyone's heart. As she explained it:

“I, then, have chosen to be the Mother of Light, for in this calling I can be the mother of every atom and electron of the Christ consciousness emergent within the sons and daughters of God. I can be everywhere, for light is everywhere. And wherever there is light, I AM there, the Mother flame, guiding, guarding and protecting the evolution of the cosmic spiral of each facet of the crystalline design.

“Long ago, wearing yet mortal form, as I gazed with wonder upon the stars in the heavens, I was meditating upon the light—the light of God, the light of his purpose within me. And as I looked up from the hillside, I saw the stars begin to turn and to whirl and to draw close to my consciousness. And I was transported from the outer senses to the inner senses, so that for a moment I traversed time and space into infinity. And I saw the stars descend and enter my heart, and I said, ‘Lo, I AM a star! I AM a flame with starry light.' And God said, ‘Yes, you are a star. You are a star in heaven and on earth. But you are more than a star. You are the mother of the star, for the star has come to rest in the cradle of the light of your own heart.'

“It was then that I knew, precious ones, that I should be the Mother of Light. It was then that I knew my divine purpose and my cosmic calling. And I dedicated my soul and my total effort to mothering light in all whom I met.

“I went forth from that hillside, and I came down to contact friends and companions. And do you know, the memory of the experience that God gave to me upon that hill enabled me, each time I communed with a part of life, to re-create the meditation of transcending time and space. And as I gazed with love upon the heart flame of those who would come to me, I had the same experience. The fire in each heart began to whirl, and then that fire approached my own heart. And I felt the embrace of love, of light, leap from that heart to my own and the arc return from my own to that heart. And once again I said, ‘I AM a star!' And I remembered the voice of God, ‘Yes, you are a star, but you are more than that. You are the mother of the star, the Mother of Light.'

“I found, then, that as I communed with the light within every heart, I often did not perceive with an intense eye, the critical or analytical eye that so many among mortals have today—examining the face and the hair and the garments and the size and the weight of those whom they meet. For I was so entranced with the whirling light and the star in the heart, however big, however small—the whirling fire that came to me as Mother. It was a joyous discipleship. And my initiations came as trials and testings, as an opportunity to expand the light, to nourish it, to harbor it, to challenge it.”

The Legions of Justinius and Seraphic Bands encouraged souls to,

“…ask for five seraphim (for the five secret rays) to come into your midst, to surround you, to be in your home, to raise you and your family to the elevation of the consciousness of the Goddess of Light, the Queen of Light and the Goddess of Purity.

“Each of these heavenly mothers has a tremendous Causal Body. Call upon them as a mighty trinity of light. Their light is so great, beloved, that you can hardly distinguish the gentle pastel hues that are continuously changing in their Causal Bodies, all of which are bringing light! light! light! light! light! to the consciousness of the people who are able to reach out and take that light.”