Overcoming Negative Habits, Darshan 8 - (DVD VIDEO)

Darshan #8 More teachings from The Masters and the Path, by C. W. Leadbeater

Darshan with the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet, December 11, 1996.

Who wouldn't want to learn how to overcome negative habits?
Elizabeth Clare Prophet lectures in an intimate setting with her chelas and answers questions about many topics. You will learn what is “the initiation that none can give, but each must take for himself.” I will leave you to contemplate this mystery!

…Overcoming Negative Habits
Do not take for granted the Great White Brotherhood or the ascended masters

…Overcoming Negative Habits
Be obedient and humble before the masters

…Overcoming Negative Habits
You have to know when you are ready to deal with the dark forces that are your equals on the dark side

…Overcoming Negative Habits
Learn of the initiation that none can give, but each must take for himself

Please note:
  1. At the time of the writing of Mr. Leadbeater's book, Sanat Kumara held the spiritual office of Lord of the World. On January 1, 1956, this office was passed to his chela Gautama Buddha, who is now the Lord of the World.
  2. Also, the numbering of root races at that time doesn't correspond exactly with what we now know about them.