Out of the Heart Are the Issues of Life - (DVD - VIDEO)

In this landmark lecture given September 4, 1988, Elizabeth Clare Prophet reveals the hidden mysteries of the spiritual heart and its fire.

She explains that each petal of the heart chakra has hieroglyphs written on it, has a different vibration represented by a Sanskrit symbol, and that the life plan of an individual is written upon these twelve petals. The uniqueness of each person's heart chakra is the uniqueness of a lifestream and a life pattern and all that converges in a given life as opportunity to expand God consciousness.

She discloses that the great mystery of the heart is that all the issues of life are revealed therein—karmic circumstances, relationships, opportunities, livelihood, calling, all thoughts of the mind, all expressions that a soul may experience.

And she describes how to purify and expand the heart chakra, how to transmute burdens and conquer the not-self, and how to victoriously pass life's tests and fulfill one's reason for being.

1 DVD & 1 audio CD