Only Mark BOX Set Two (16-30) - (MP3 CD)

15 MP3 Audio CDs

Take a walk in Mark's footsteps…

The Only Mark album series contains the dictations delivered by the ascended masters to Mark L. Prophet between 1958 and 1973. When listened to in the order presented, these dictations mark the spiral of initiation that Mark Prophet charted on the path to his ascension.

Albums 16 – 30 include 475 dictations delivered by Mark from August 7, 1958, to July 1, 1966. Album 30 also includes a bonus track with Mark L. Prophet singing accompanied by a hand-held harp.

The ascended master Jesus Christ has explained why the Only Mark albums are important to our spiritual path:

As you play these dictations in your homes and in your automobiles, you will come to experience the writing of the law of God (as it was spoken in living fire to Mark) on your inward parts – on the mind, the soul, the heart, on every chakra of your being and every cell.
Jesus said that the ascended masters have asked for these dictations to be published so that we would have the opportunity to “enter the coil of the ascension flame” with Mark Prophet in every dictation. “In your listening to these dictations,” Jesus said, “you will be fashioned anew, reborn as a new creature by the power of the ascending scale of these dictations. They are the fundamentals. They are the building blocks.”