On Marriage - (MP3 CD)

In marriage there is a need to love and to love. It is a love of forgiveness, compassion, understanding, and a willingness to pick up the pieces and start over again when there are problems—and to keep on trying, to keep on loving, to keep on forgiving and to keep on nurturing one another.

In this album Elizabeth, Clare Prophet and the ascended masters offer a practical and mystical understanding of marriage and its opportunities for spiritual growth and world service. These teachings explore and expand on the following:

Within a marriage the husband and wife have the opportunity to develop wholeness, both individually and together.
In coming to know your husband or wife, you also put on aspects of their consciousness. In a sense, marriage is a process by which the man assimilates facets of the feminine from his wife, while the woman assimilates facets of the masculine from her husband.
Ideally, at any given moment, if you stand apart as individuals, each one of you will contain the wholeness of the other.
When both people provide the qualities and strengths that they want in their partner, it contributes to a stronger and healthier marriage. It is a complementary relationship.
It is most supportive of a marriage for one’s expectations to be not of one’s mate but rather of oneself—an expectation, indeed a desire, to give the gift of the best of oneself to the other.
And much more….
Also included are numerous landmark lectures by Elizabeth Clare Prophet and dictations from the ascended masters.