Mysteries of the Holy Grail

The Earth is going through a period of great turmoil. There are unknown forces in motion that affect your life. Some are benevolent. Others are not. Your understanding of the two can mean the difference between triumph and tragedy.

Mysteries of the Holy Grail prepares you to meet the challenges of our time. There is nothing hypothetical or speculative about it.

Sought by mystics, saints, and knights of the quest, the Grail mysteries are now made accessible through this recording of the words of the Archangel Gabriel, delivered to Elizabeth Clare Prophet by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Experience the radiance of the Holy Grail caught by an Archangel and applied to present problems we must face and conquer ere we can enter a golden age of peace and enlightenment.

Each chapter unlocks a mystery of self. Keys to the souls reunion with God abound. A formula for practical day-to-day self-mastery unfolds — transforming the spirit, arming men and women to meet each crisis, personal or planetary, with equanimity and empowerment.

The Mysteries are the ideations of God…whose time has come.

The Relentless Wave

The message of love that He brought,
That to us God hath taught,
Is a relentless wave of light
Oncoming through the day and through the night.
The wave is sent as a current
That touches fire, air, water, and earth,
Passing through all of the spheres of Matter and Spirit
By the wondrous yin and yang of the figure-eight flow.
The relentless wave of light is a love determined,
Predetermined by the Lord God, The I AM THAT I AM,
In the Person of Alpha and Omega
Who have sent forth that light
To captivate their children in wave's delight.
That oncoming love is welcomed
By the children of God gathered on the shore of life.
They have known from the beginning
That the wave would come,
That the wave would make them one
And carry them back to the Sun—Center of Being.

—Archangel Gabriel in Mysteries of the Holy Grail