Mother Representing Sanat Kumara Flying Eagle 5.75" x 10.5"

Meditation focus on the office of the Guru, of the Inner Christ.

Introduced at The Buddhas in Winter conference by Sanat Kumara:

"Out of your midst has come forth a Keeper of the Flame who has had upon him, whether known or unknown to himself, the mantle of the cosmic artist and of Paul the Venetian, and by the fervor of devotion and the God-determination within his heart he has executed in accordance with our will a life-size portrait of your beloved Messenger. … In the name of Almighty God, I, Sanat Kumara, now ensoul this painting with my own forcefield and presence and with the Causal Bodies of the twin flames of the Messengers. Embodying the office of Guru and of the Mother as Saviouress to the lightbearers of earth, it also embodies the flame of the mighty sword of judgment and the full power of the Brotherhood of Sirius anchored through the mighty eagle. … Let this, then, be a focus of your meditation upon the office of the Guru Mother and of one who has worn it well. Let it therefore not be a focus of your attention upon an outer personality, for it is not a portrait of an outer person but of the Inner Christ of your own Beloved."

Excerpted from Pearl of Wisdom Beloved Sanat Kumara, Vol. 42, No. 14