Mother Mary's Scriptural Rosaries for the New Age - (MP3 CD)

Mother Mary gave the scriptural rosaries to Elizabeth Clare Prophet in the autumn of 1972 at the Retreat of the Resurrection Spiral in Colorado Springs. This is a new rosary and a new meditation upon the Mother flame.

Mother Mary outlined a rosary for each of the seven rays and the seven days of the week. She gave a rosary for the eighth ray, and she gave five secret-ray rosaries that are for the evening.

I extend to you by the rosary access to my causal body….I will be with you daily as you give the rosary and I charge you to speak to me of your problem, your need, your concern, whether small or great, and I promise you I will be there to offer the highest resolution acceptable according to the Great Law of God, limited only by the laws you have set in motion in your life. Mother Mary, July 3, 1984
The Scriptural Rosaries: Seven Rays for Seven Days
The Love Mysteries, Monday, The Third Ray, 61 min.
The Joyful Mysteries, Tuesday, The First Ray, 60 min.
The Healing Mysteries, Wednesday, The Fifth Ray, 59 min.
The Initiatic Mysteries, Thursday, The Sixth Ray, 63 min.
The Glorious Mysteries, Friday, The Fourth Ray, 64 min.
The Miracle Mysteries, Saturday, The Seventh Ray, 63 min.
The Teaching Mysteries, Sunday, The Second Ray, 57 min.
The Masterful Mysteries, Sunday Evening The Eighth Ray, 62 min

1 MP3 Disc: 8 hours

The Secret Ray Rosaries: For Evenings
The Inspiration Mysteries, Monday Evening, The First Secret Ray, 45 min.
The Action Mysteries, Tuesday Evening, The Second Secret Ray, 48 min.
The Revelation Mysteries, Wednesday Evening, The Third Secret Ray, 54 min.
The Declaration Mysteries, Thursday Evening, The Fourth Secret Ray, 47 min.
The Exhortation Mysteries, Friday Evening, The Fifth Secret Ray, 48 min.

1 MP3 Disc: 4 hours

Printed liner notes included, containing track information and Biblical references.

CD includes: PDF documents, containing the words to prayers and songs; the Consecration of Russia, China and America to the Immaculate Heart of Mary; plus instructions on how to pray the new age scriptural rosary with traditional rosary beads. These 2 documents are accessible by computer for printing. Or, you may use decree book, item #1778, and song book, item #106.

2 MP3 Discs: 12 hours.